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Furano Landscape Gallery

Shuichi Okuda Furano Landscape Gallery
This is Shuichi Okudafs personal art gallery. It is located at the old Nae primary school. This gallery is located in Furano and displays Furano landscape paintings. The gallery displays about 60 oil paintings though out the year and the building is also coordinated by Shuichi Okuda.
Shuichi Okuda Okuda Shuichifs Profile
Shuichi was born in 1959 in Tokyo.
He moved to Furano in 1987. Since then he keeps painting landscapes here. In Furano during summer, the temperature is over 30 degrees and during winter, it goes down below -30 degrees. He always paints outside and the paintings give people the feeling of being out there. Shuichi describes his aims as "I want to draw the landscape with air just like the existence of water" "I want to paint time in my picture" "I want to paint as I like to live my life".
Shuichi Okuda An impressionist from 100 years ago
The way he works is like how the impressionists worked. He takes his canvas outside and he work on a painting facing nature, under the sun. Monet and Van Gogh were interested in Japanese woodblock prints and their works were influenced by them. This is well known.
Through the work of impressionist artists, indirectly Japanese people rediscovered the Japanese point of view of nature. This may be a part of the reason why Japanese people like impressionist art. What he looks for with his compositions is that he wants to create paintings that invoke nature and express the Japanese artistic heritage.

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